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NEW: Big Silver Lining in the COVID Cloud for Larger Practices

The Doctor Matters: The Doctor’s Personality and Plan Impacts Practice Value

New Taxes on Practice Monetization in 2022 and Portfolio Risk

Taxes for Dental Practice Monetization in 2021/2022; Even Uglier Than You Think

Do-It-Yourself Investment Banking is Just as Dumb as Do-It-Yourself Root Canals!

Taxes, More Taxes and Diversification of Your Practice Portfolio

The 2020 Actual Transaction Results & The 2021 Forecast!

Understanding Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSO)

Top 10 Reasons to Join an IDSO or NOT...

Taxes for Dental Practice Monetization in 2021/2022; Even Uglier Than You Think

Latest ADA Forecast for 2021 Practice Values; Not Pretty…

COVID Impact on Practice Values

The Brief Moment in Time for 2019 Practice Values, Or Wait 3+ Years - Dental Practice Recovery from Coronavirus

Sometimes You Win for the Wrong Reason

Coronavirus Impact on Practice Values; Important Tips and Buyer Update

Cash Now, Long Term Plan, Practice Growth,  Wealth Creation? All Four!

Creative Structures Capture Value for “Embedded Growth” Potential in Desirable Practices. Lock in Values Now to Reduce Risk.

Large Practice Sales 2019 Recap and Happy New Year!

How LPS Increases the Value of Your Practice by 10% Or More; Three Letters: QoE

LPS Update: Practice Value Volatility; Good News and Bad News

Large Practice Sales Announces over $25MM in EBITDA is available for Dental Partnerships


Unbelievable Practice Values? Our Five Secret Strategies Exposed! (Part 1)

The Mutual Benefit of Silent Partners Investing in Dental Practices

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