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Large Practice Sales 2019 Recap and Happy New Year!

The year of 2019 was spectacularly successful for dentists of all specialties. LPS clients achieved extraordinary values through partnerships with strong Invisible Dental Support Organization (IDSO) ...

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How LPS Increases the Value of Your Practice by 10% Or More; Three Letters: QoE

We nationally advertise that Large Practice Sales (LPS) achieves almost unbelievable values for dental practices of 2X, 3X and even 4X COLLECTIONS. These are all real examples of recent transactions, ...

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LPS Update: Practice Value Volatility; Good News and Bad News

We review financial data on about five practices per day for doctors who have requested an estimate of the value of their practices to an Invisible DSO in today’s bubble. Most doctors take the value ...

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Large Practice Sales Announces over $25MM in EBITDA is available for Dental Partnerships

LPS will be in attendance at the American Association of Orthodontics Annual Session in Los Angeles Booth 2939 May 3-7, 2019 Irving, TX (BECKERS) Large Practice Sales (LPS) has recently signed over ...

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One of the benefits of the right Invisible DSO as your new silent partner is that they are highly motivated to enhance the growth of your practice via synergies with other practices in which they ...

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Unbelievable Practice Values? Our Five Secret Strategies Exposed! (Part 1)

Some doctors are skeptical when we list the extraordinary values, we have achieved for our doctor clients over the last year. When the “industry standard” valuation is 80% to 100% of collections, ...

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The Mutual Benefit of Silent Partners Investing in Dental Practices

Every Dental Support Organization (DSO) has a different model to manage their groups of dozens or hundreds of “affiliated” dental and specialty practices. Some acquire 100% of practices and operate ...

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DSO Partners Friend or Foe?

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