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UPDATED: New Taxes on Practice Monetization in 2022 and Portfolio Risk

Taxes are going up. Your Tax Rate Could Exceed 50% in 2022.

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Taxes for Dental Practice Monetization in 2021/2022; Even Uglier Than You Think

Taxes are going up. Now may be a time to consider selling a PART of your practice to an Invisible Dental Support Organization. This may be the last time to pay only a 20% tax rate on the proceeds.

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Do-It-Yourself Investment Banking is Just as Dumb as Do-It-Yourself Root Canals!

I wouldn’t do my own root canal! Why would you attempt the biggest transaction of your life without a specialist? 

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Taxes, More Taxes and Diversification of Your Practice Portfolio

LPS Completed $160,000,000 of transactions in the last 96 days!

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The 2020 Actual Transaction Results & The 2021 Forecast!

Several large LPS transactions will by design push into early 2021, but it was still a $300,000,000+ year for Large Practice Sales vs. “only” $200,000,000 in 2019. COVID be damned! Newer IDSOs ...

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